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Variety of spices are grown in the Indian subcontinent. As Indian climates are different in most parts of India. There is a variety of Indian spices produced in India chilies, pepper, turmeric, cloves, cardamom, ajwain, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and cumin are some examples of Indian spices.

Benefits of Spices

Spices are the very heart of Indian cooking and Indian spices offer significant health benefits and add flavor and nutrients to dishes. Here are some general health benefits of spices:

  • Spices also help in burning calories and reduce fat.
  • Spices have anti Oxidant properties
  • Spices have Anti-inflammatory properties and help in healing the wounds etc fast
  • Cinnamon can help in lowering Blood Sugar Levels
  • Some spices have power to improve brain functionality and improve memory power
  • Ginger has Anti-Inflammatory Properties and is used to treat Nausea

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