Premium Quality Mustard Oil

Mustard oil is used for cooking, is produced from the seeds of the mustard plant. Mustard seeds are used in food and medicine for centuries in many countries.

Mustard oil is also used for massage and have anti-fungal properties. Mustard oil is also used in India on hair and scalp, for reducing dandruff.

No more cooking with toxic ingredients

The Mustard Oil Plant is a natural resource, and an alternative to unhealthy cooking oils.

Organic and healthy

Mustard oil is an organic and healthy cooking option. It’s easy to digest, and helps maintain a healthy digestive system. It also has anti-fungal properties.

Tastes great, cooks well

Mustard oil is great for cooking because it has a high smoke point, and has the perfect balance of flavor and neutral taste for any dish.

Works for your hair too

Mustard oil is also used in India on hair and scalp, for reducing dandruff and making hair stronger.

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